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Things to do when you’re off work

Not feeling well. Taking time to rejuvenate, recuperate, rest. Watching TED videos is a good way to pass the time. Females, males, parents, children, young, old, anyone, everyone…take 20 minutes and watch this. Eve Ensler: Embrace Your Inner Girl Advertisements

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Stop, Look and Listen.

Heads up friends! Pull down your parka hood and look before you cross. Take out your earbuds and be aware. No one is in that much of a rush, but if a driver is, let them win. An unnecessary way … Continue reading

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Yeah, so?

I’ve defended my crush numerous times. I’ve been told I’m crazy. And I might be. But I also remember School Ties. Do you remember School Ties? David Green all defending his beliefs and being all noble and strong and handsome … Continue reading

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Rock me, Rock me, Rock me…

Check out sexy Jesus from a flyer I grabbed from a Church (yeah that’s right, CHURCH)! Even religions are realizing what sells…easy on the damnation, heavy on the art of being good lookin’. Musical accompaniment for this post. If you … Continue reading

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Global Warming? Pfff.

And by pfff, I mean whoa. Here’s today: Here’s this time 2 years ago: Just sayin’.

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Dinner with Friends.

“Step 1: Cook for 300 people. Step 2: Take over the world!” ~Janetran My dear friend Jane, chef extraordinaire, organized a day in the kitchen at St. Patrick’s Church in Toronto. She made a call to arms and recruited friends … Continue reading

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Always so good for so little.

I swear, I am not being paid to endorse Swiss Chalet (although if anyone knows anyone at Cara, feel free to send them this link). Here’s a copy of a bill after a delicious lunch with brother. We both declared … Continue reading

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