Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner.

Conan O’Brien is brilliant. He’s a genius. Did you watch during the writer’s strike where it was just him, ad-libbing his way through an hour, fully bearded and letting the comedy come through him? Triumph? THE WALKER TEXAS LEVER FOR GOD’S SAKE???

I was lucky enough to have seen him in 2004 when he came to relieve our SARS struck city with a week of Conan shows taped from Toronto. He was hilarious, and very tall, even from my view in the upper mezzanine.

So yes, I love him. And I don’t think I’ve caught a single episode since he took over for Jay Leno (it just doesn’t work for my schedule). But from what I’m reading today, he’s sticking to his guns and showing his full character (and still being as funny as always).  Money is irrelevant in this equation (as it should be in artistic pursuits of integrity…but seriously, imagine walking away from that kind of pay check!).

You sir, have my respeck! A tip of the toque to you!

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1 Response to Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner.

  1. Stella says:

    I have to agree with you there Bebe about his time during the writers strike. I loved him with the beard and when he would go up into the rafters to see the random guy sitting up there!
    The Walker Texas Rangers clips were hillarious as well! I miss the lever!!

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