‘Own the Podium’ Canada!

Canada is known the world over for its rich plethora of natural resources. Oil and natural gas, timber, agriculture, and of course, comedians.

The likes of Jim Carey, Mike Myers, and Russel Peters (to name a very select few) have done their good part in putting Canada on the world’s comedy map. However, there is another funny non-canuck individual who is becoming synonymous with our fair country.

Red, Set, GOLD!

Steven Colbert, the man responsible for The Colbert Report, has developed a healthy love-hate relationship with Canada. He’s single-handedly challenged the Ontario Hockey League via the only U.S team in the league, employing bully tactics through his Saginaw Spirit mascot, Steagle Cobeagle the Eagle, resulting in unspeakable friction with the town of Oshawa, Ontario. And we love it, don’t we (Hint- yes, we do: March 20 is now Stephen Colbert Day in Oshawa).

He represents an exaggerated right wing view of the U.S.A. which Canadians love to follow (more because we get the joke, not because we like to make fun…because that wouldn’t be very Canadian of us now would it?).

And so with great enthusiasm, Mr. Colbert accepted an invitation from the city of Richmond, B.C. to be the official/unofficial/let’s just do this for fun Ombudsman for the Vancouver Olympics. Colbert is the primary financial backer of the U.S Speedskating team, which will be racing in the Richmond Oval. Perhaps this puts him at an unfair ‘home court’ advantage? Perhaps, but we’ll all have a laugh either way. When asked about how he felt about the upcoming games, Stephen said:

“According to one of the Canadian coaches, Canada is finally more concerned with winning than being nice, hence their new Olympic slogan, ‘Own the Podium’ — in contrast to their previous slogan, ‘Pardon, would it trouble you if we won a medal or two? It would? OK, never mind.”

Let’s hope he plays nice

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