Born Into Hope

Oh universe, you wonderful thing you. The quest to learn more about the world we are a part of and detached from is being supported through amazing graces.

I was honoured to attend a Toronto fundraising event in support of Hope House, a school/home being built to support daughters of prostitutes in Calcutta. Hope House is an initiative started by the production family of the Oscar winning documentary Born into Brothels (must watch if you have yet to see this gem).

The room was electric and inspiring with the energy and love of those who want to affect change in the lives of others. Geralyn Dreyfous , Executive Producer of the film who is also spearheading the Hope House initiative, addressed the crowd and mesmerized us. She prefaced most of her stories with “We didn’t know what we were doing, if anyone would care, what consequences would come”, and in that we felt inspired by this teams drive to just fundamentally help through film and awareness. No accolades were expected, but they put their hearts and souls into what they were doing and it continues to grow and nourish so many.

Through the documentary, Kids with Cameras was established, a group dedicated to empowering marginalized children around the world by teaching them the art of photography. What started with a handful of kids in a Calcutta brothel now has chapters in Haiti, Jerusalem and Cairo.

What good stuff can come from a group of dedicated souls.

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