Yeah, so?

I’ve defended my crush numerous times. I’ve been told I’m crazy. And I might be. But I also remember School Ties. Do you remember School Ties? David Green all defending his beliefs and being all noble and strong and handsome and such? Yeah, thought so.

Before this gets too viral and friends send it to me to mock, I’ll post it. I’m mature enough to admit my mistakes. He’s every kind of awkweird. But let’s hope this remix serves to revive his place as a weirdo heartthrob. It won’t and I know I’m crazy and should let my flame burn out. It’s fading. People evolve (sorry buuuudy). But you know what these viral hits do, just ask Christian Bale (passionate berating = kinda hawtness). OHHHH GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

*PS- I don’t care for the word ‘retard’ in the clip title, but can’t find another post of this on Youtube.

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1 Response to Yeah, so?

  1. shayna says:

    You know tears came to my eyes, from laughter, when I saw this during the live show. This clip made my eyes turn into Iguazu falls. I know how hard it was for you to post this.

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