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The Interweb Loves You

There’s so much STUFF on this web of ours. Here’s one that I use daily and think you might lurve: MTV Canada: My Playlist Pick from over a kerjillion music videos you love and have it playing in the background … Continue reading

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Pee’d Off

Often we don’t find the right language to be able to speak on the hidden topics in our society. Racism, sexism, inequality and, of course, poor public bathroom etiquette. So let’s post a sign to reveal your hidden shame! With … Continue reading

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Not your average bus stop ad…

Came across this 3-D bus stop ad on Queen Street…interesting campaign by an organization called nedic, fighting against negative body image. ‘Shed your weight problems here’ has a mail slot beneath it for the magazines that are lying beneath…wonder if … Continue reading

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One of these things just doesn’t belong here….

This might be crazy talk, but I don’t think an animal would really want to be the spokesperson for its kind to be consumed. At least the branding on it shows how eager it is to be part of the … Continue reading

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Oh Dave, be nice.

While I do love the soothing sounds of Donald Sutherland infusing me with Canadian Olympic pride, those north of the border miss out on the ridiculously expensive U.S. commercials that air during the Superbowl. And then there’s the internet on … Continue reading

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Angela Davis

Is inspirational really the word to use? You know when you are in the presence of someone who causes a subtle, yet life changing, tweak in your perception on the world? Yeah. Such was the case after getting to hear … Continue reading

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