Pee’d Off

Often we don’t find the right language to be able to speak on the hidden topics in our society. Racism, sexism, inequality and, of course, poor public bathroom etiquette. So let’s post a sign to reveal your hidden shame!

With all these automatronic activities in bathrooms nowadays (flushes, soap, and hot air that magically appear just through your hovering presence), we’ve become spoiled by the technologies in thinking we have to do anything over and above. But there is now a #3 to take care of in the stalls. Mamma ain’t here to clean up for you (and shame on you if you’d expect her to!).

The following exhibits are from washrooms about my office. A small army has taken it upon themselves to address the issue, and to them I say, bravo. You’ve done your floor proud.

Gross? Yes. Necessary? Unfortunately.

I didn’t create them. I swear. But there is a product I dreamt up with my friends that involves “Hovering” and “Handles” to solve this female pandemic and increase your quad strength. Look for the infomercial in 2012. It will look a lot like these, but cost way more.

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1 Response to Pee’d Off

  1. Jodie says:

    I’m going to copy the first sign and give a copy to my boyfriend’s friend who leaves me floaters every time he’s over.

    I’m tired of throwing up in my mouth.

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