When it’s 35 degrees and sunny outside…

Everything I know of art, I learned from John Hughes Movies. Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte:

My mentor likes to remind me that “the dictionary is the only place where ‘success’ comes before ‘work'”. Arggh and true.

It’s an interesting challenge to adopt a freelancing/consulting/entrepreneuring/random networker lifestyle after spending a few years in the corporate structure (if not a lifetime in the institutionalized world). I feel like I’m retro-fitting into something that feels right…creating and building new ideas, committing to new actions, and engaging with those who I meet to leave things better than I found them. At some points I’ve questioned my motives/direction, and that’s understandable because it’s a new way to live life. In my heart, I know that each step is taking me down a new path, and it’s exciting, while the imagined fear throws a knowing glance to stop me in my tracks. So I just say “Hey Fear!” (tip: sometimes it helps to flip it the bird too), and skip along, doing what I’m doing and taking those moments and letting them go.

So, before I head to the park to bask in the sun, I’ll focus myself on what I’ve committed to do now, produce, converse, learn, and know that it’s all here. And I’ll take it with me down this path.

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