Vegan Eye Candy.

So, I’m undertaking a vegan diet right now. WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD you say? I’m glad you asked. Meat has been falling off my cravings list since early this year, and the dairy part is easy for me to let go of- lactose intolerance and what not. So I find myself in this fun little space, filled with naturalists, hippies, activists, and socially conscious individuals who subscribe to the same beliefs. It’s an interesting world, and I can assure you that I am just as satisfied being vegan as when I consumed Swiss Chalet chicken sauce by the chicken sauce bowlful.

I’ve noticed the only time I “crave” meat is when I’m around pictures of it. Not when I’m close to the actual piece of chicken, but just when I see a picture of it. So when I go home to visit my family in suburban land, the hero shot of the smoked ribs in the Sobey’s weekly flyer is more likely to make me desire meat than the simmering curry chicken my dad is making in front of me (no offense intended Pop). I don’t know if Pavlov did a test with his dogs on the mere visual stimulant, but I do feel like this is worthy of a scientific analysis.

Perhaps my eyes are just bigger than my stomach? Or perhaps I can just stick to eating with my eyes.

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