NYC- I get you. I totally get you.

One of the 50,000 tests of personal growth is when one feels comfortable in any setting. An ease with yourself and trusting that you are exactly where you need to be. A week in NYC for me was a profound experience. Pure comfort and connection with my surroundings and a feeling of home. All in all, it was a vivid dream come true and all around hootenanny (sp?).

Top Ten most charming experiences in the Big Apple:

10. Helpful and kind New Yorkers. “Please” and “Thank You” and “It’s 17 blocks that way”. Even charmed by the “get out of my fu##ing way” by a fellow pedestrian. Made me feel accepted as one of them.
9. Walking. Everywhere. Bruised foot fascia rendering me crippled and happy.
8. Lower east side corners at 4 am with old (spice) friends.
7. Stumbling upon cultural icons (the tv kind of course, being one with Jerry and Carrie)
6. Flirting with the Chrysler building
5. Connecting with the natural beauty of Manhattan- Lying under the massive trees in Central Park/Bryant Park/Washington Square
4. What is absolutely amazing, Alex? Answer: Jeopardy in the taxi cab tv.
3. Shoppin. Women be shoppin. Can’t STOP A WOMAN FROM SHOPPIN’!
2. Having space and ties right when you need them. With a side of biking through Manhattan freely.
1. Standby line for Letterman. Bill Murray was the guest. Spoke of Elvis’ funeral while gash on his forehead illustrated his love of physical comedy. An hour living out 15 year old dream.

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1 Response to NYC- I get you. I totally get you.

  1. Jane says:

    I love your top ten list! How you managed to fit that into one week, I will never understand. I have to say, if the tiny island of Manhatten can find a way to justify having huge bike lanes all throughout NYC, then surely Toronto can find a way to make this work too!

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