Moved, Touched, and Inspired

A friend showed me a video yesterday from an organization called The Girl Effect. Totally blown away!

I applaud the efforts by agencies like this who are bringing awareness and humanity to an issue that sometimes feels like a world away when caught up in my own issues. At the heart of this is the truth that we are all one, looking for the same happiness and opportunities this life can offer.

Having spent most of my professional life tapping into the power of Digital Marketing, my heart is bursting with happy tears that social media is enabling socially conscious agencies to spread their work far and wide to an engaged and active audience that is able to act. There is something so seductive about the visual storytelling employed and its ability to captivate through clear and simplistic messaging. Much love to the team that created this!

Check it out and tell me how you feel. (and of course, please email/twitter/facebook/blog this at your will!)

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