Bang on the Drum All Day

On a leisurely stroll through Waterloo Saturday morning, we happened upon a community Studio tour. Local artisans had their wares on display in their homes. Kind of fun to go into people’s houses and see their manifested passion.

Lured in by a lemonade/cookie stand manned by some remarkably cute little people, we arrived at the home of Nii Addico, a gifted drum maker. Originally from Ghana, Nii learned the craft from his Grandfather and creates beautifully carved drums, masks, and sculptures from wood. When we talked about his process, he articulated his spiritual practice with the declaration “I let the wood choose me”. We bonded over the similarity of our body part names and I was touched by his dedication to his craft. He’ll be at the One of a Kind show later this year in Toronto and karmic alignment allows for 5% of sales goes towards FIDA’s global relief efforts. Good beats.

Click and learn!

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