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Pets who look like celebrities.

It’s uncanny, no? Advertisements

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Hipstamatic. My new ShakeitPhoto.

I’m new to the universe of apps and their starship enterprise iPhones. In my quest to learn more, my brother has helped open my eyes to the wide world of apps, and I’ve happened upon Hipstamatic. IT”S AMAZING! You can … Continue reading

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Today’s Deal: How to make people want to be your friend through *gasp* EMAIL!

I get a million random emails from companies I subscribe to (Oprah, MercyCorps, and of course, The Nigerian Businessman’s Club). Alongside the daily Dr.Oz rx, I most look forward to reading my daily email from fabfind. Group buying sites that … Continue reading

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Wanna see some Michael Jackson dance moves?

You know when someone tells you you should go see this movie because it’s amaaaaazing, and it’s something you’ve never heard of before, so you’re like, “What? um, sure, let me put that on the ta-dah list” (which usually sees … Continue reading

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Pretty Things + iPhone Camera = photostalkery at its best

On a stroll through the shwanky Forest Hill neighbourhood, I happened upon a very creative tree vase. Or perhaps it was a bouquet earring for the tree. Either way, it’s a synergetic relationship that makes 1 + 1 = awww, … Continue reading

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Who’s afraid of the Clutterbug?

I’m going through my stuff. And what stuff it is. I’ve lived in my current apartment for close to 5 years, and I’m moving out. K, seriously, there’s lots of STUFF. I’ve biologically inherited my quasi-hoarding from my mom (best … Continue reading

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Mohabbat = Love :)

I’ve been helping out with Mohabbat: A Benefit for Pakistan, happening tonight with proceeds to Plan Canada’s Pakistan Relief efforts. Every little bit helps the millions affected by the devastating summer floods. @ This is London- There will be a … Continue reading

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