Who’s afraid of the Clutterbug?

I’m going through my stuff. And what stuff it is.

I’ve lived in my current apartment for close to 5 years, and I’m moving out. K, seriously, there’s lots of STUFF. I’ve biologically inherited my quasi-hoarding from my mom (best intentions for that roll of fabric from ’79 she wanted to make into a dress) and have found this to be my modus operandi in my adulthood. WELL NO MORE! Habits are hard to break, but moving out of your place with boxes full of useless STUFF is harder. So cleanse I say. With help of course. I’ve enlisted some great friends who enjoy de-cluttering lives of others to help me on this quest. Because honestly, there’s a good chance I’d be moving out of here with boxes of useless STUFF.

And, in the spirit of spiritualism, here’s a great article on the psychology of purging.

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