Today’s Deal: How to make people want to be your friend through *gasp* EMAIL!

I get a million random emails from companies I subscribe to (Oprah, MercyCorps, and of course, The Nigerian Businessman’s Club). Alongside the daily Dr.Oz rx, I most look forward to reading my daily email from fabfind. Group buying sites that offer subscribers incredibly crazy discounts from various vendors is a huge business right now. And I’ve signed up for all of them (see my previous post on decluttering for a lesson in irony. What happens on hotmail stays on hotmail). Anyhoo, I’ve bought acrobatic lessons, mani/pedi’s for $20 and missed the boat on 50% off Cirque tickets (Funny manifesting: angel friend ended up giving me 2 comp tickets the day before, which I just ended up gifting to my sister and bro-in-law for their anniversary, including my babysitting services, which was double rainbow win win for all. Easy get, easier give).

So how do you stick out when everyone is getting in the game? THE STORY! At fabfind, the copy is hilarious. I imagine a roomful of 20-somethings, high on kombucha and wheatgrass shots, extolling funny one liners and creating hypothetical situations that reinforce the insanely amusing storytelling for each deal. And anything with a monkey points straight at my heart. And they’re from Toronto 🙂

Here’s a screenshot, have a readsy. And don’t be judging that I still use hotmail. Higher level vibration people.

Oh, and $1000 and iPad giveaways don’t hurt to lure in more customers…

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