Come on Down!

I remember stumbling upon a massive sale on outerwear last year, which had me leaving the store with 2 fantastic winter coats for around $100. Or that time I bought soy milk/pants/(insert life necessity here) and it was actually on sale when rung through…SHA-BAMM! There’s a certain tingly feeling of goodness I get when I get a good deal on something. And the power of the interweb now makes sure you get tapped into all the good deals going on out there.

Check out, a deal aggregator that pulls out the group deals happening daily. There are so many companies now tapping into group buying, it’s a totally awesome idea that helps businesses and you get what you want. Great tip from my cousin…Check out the ‘mice type’ first before buying, or call the business and see if you can get exactly what you want from the deal (if they say the haircut is a $100 value, casually call ahead and ask for an appointment with the $100 stylists, and make sure they aren’t sticking you with a junior $60 stylist instead…a little creative espionage before committing to the deal).

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