Don’t judge the book by the Vegan cover.

The quickest way to my heart is a tie between 1) food and 2) being aesthetically pleasing. Hence, after I inhaled my first knee-buckling Lentil Loaf entree from “Naturally Yours” this great shop in the PATH, I naturally googled to find out the recipe…

Then I found it.

their website.

Yes, it gives the fundamental information you’d ever need, but the selected font and colour palette makes me downright sad. We’re all now trained to look for slickness in web design. If I were to have seen this first, truthfully, I would not have made this a destination of choice. Of course, after having tried the food and being served by the friendly staff however, I will get my lentil loaf on as much as I can stomach. I wonder how much goodness we all miss in life by judging the book by the cover…

My two step plan? Design a better site and get your loyal customers and wowed first timers to blog about you. It helps those sitting on the fence to give you a try and fwd it to others.

(PS- I’m sending a note to them to give them some suggestion on improving the site…better to be part of the solution!)

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