Sticks and stones may break your bones…

…and names can totally shape you. At least until you realize it’s better to live label-free.

I recently participated in a “Karma Camera”, in support of my friend Sarah’s upcoming TV show. On the topic of Diversity, I chose to discuss the slur “Paki”, having been called it when I was a little kid growing up in a predominantly non-melanin town. I pushed away my Indian heritage for a long time, wanting more for the desire to fit in like most impressionable youth. Thankfully in my adulthood, I’ve realized what I am searching for is the truth of who I really am, exclusive of cultural, geographic, educational, or any other background I held on to to define “me”. It’s a quest of no return and so I strive for a better understanding of my place on this beautiful little globe knowing that love and living in the now are my keys to freedom. And although I don’t believe that perfect exists, I’ll never stop practicing.

The label I’m most comfortable with now? Let’s just say that I’m always evolving and how beautifully fortunate it is to have that freedom. Your Thoughts?

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