New Camera = Let’s do dis ting mang.

2011, I’m on ya!! A DSLR has been on my mental vision board for far too long now, so I decided to take action and get one (with the help of my brother…I’m pretty sure he’s in The Future Shop secret society, so I’m happy to let him do my wheeling and dealing).

I’m very excited by this new member of my digital family and have so much to learn that it’s rather intimidating. Signing up for classes and learning from anyone who’ll teach me (I’m looking right at YOU!) are part of my 1D world domination strategy. Oh, and you better believe I’ll be posting my creations. If I can get to be as good as my $1.99 Hipstamatic App on my iPhone, I’ll consider it time well spent.

And now, to embrace my gadget nerdiness, the unboxing!!!

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2 Responses to New Camera = Let’s do dis ting mang.

  1. Joanna Harries says:

    Are you secretly employed by Canon?? Actually this really helped me as I am also in the market…will you be adding a extra long lens? Do keep me up to date on how you like it.

  2. kalisheep says:

    Ahhhaa, not yet, but I wouldn’t mind!! Glad this helped, I’ll let you know how it goes…I just downloaded the “DSLR for Dummies” app on my iPhone, so hopefully I’ll be running in no time šŸ˜‰

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