Free Trip Anywhere in the World.

Cows and monkeys and Elephants OH MY!

No, it’s not on Groupon today (but trust me, I’m waiting for the day that comes in my inbox…or at least a coupon for 97% off travel vaccinations).

Chris Guillebeau just posted a contest to win a ticket to almost anywhere in the world. It got me dreaming about exotic places that are on my bucket list- Jordan (visions of Petra have been locked in my mind since Indy Jones 3), South Africa (Me in a cage and Great Whites circling) and Morocco (I’m meant to rock the Casbah in this lifetime). Those would be absolutely amazing, but my heart knew that the place I want to go most is the place I’ve already been a few times…the motherland! A trip to India, with my new camera, breathing in all the visual delights surrounding me, going to temples, spending time in the mountains, visiting yoga ashrams, experiencing what all the hype about Goa is….I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it (Jessie Spano style sans trucker caffeine pill addiction)

Take a moment to dream and enter for yourself too! PS, I’m coming with you. Traveling is the best investment you can make…years of appreciation follow.

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