Lessons from a cracked rib

psssst- I borrowed this from Getty in case you didn't notice....

At first it just felt like sore muscles. A fully tenderized consequence to a night of crazy carpeting down a blissful hill I like to call “the rib crusher”, because, of course, that’s what it did. Lying on my belly, my feet pushed me over the fulcrum to unite my inner 7 year-old with the winter g-force. The adrenaline surging after coming to a tumbling stop at the bottom, having conquered the bumps that look less harmless when you’re cruising over them at 35 km/hr. I remember the exact moment, I flew over a small jump, and landed on the ice path with a THUD on my chest. I even said after to my friend through the laughter, “I think I broke a rib”. And then I went down 14 more times. Yes, it was my very own Jackass episode. And it was insanely, unapologetically, immensely fun.

And now, a wee spot over my heart is tender to the touch, it hurts a bit to breathe, stabbingly painful when I cough/sneeze and forget trying to roll over in bed without whimpering for my mom. I tried to make an appointment for an x-ray only to be told that ultimately there is nothing they can do for a cracked rib, that I’ll just need to “stick it out”. For about a month. *taking a not too deep breath because it hurts*. sigh.

So what are the lessons? Here’s what I gleen:

1. Complaining about it doesn’t make it go away (Although I keep trying out that theory)
2. You have to take big risks to get big rewards (I wouldn’t undo that night of fun to avoid this pain. I will always remember that night with a joyous tear in mine eye)
3. When you’re fully present in a moment and connecting with your true self, the bad stuff doesn’t matter. (You’re thinking about brave little Kerri Strug at the ’96 Olympics aren’t you? me too.)
4. Laughter is the best medicine (Yes, I just made that up, feel free to use it).

I filmed some of the mayhem on my iPhone- it’s grainy and suspicious looking and will make a very fun 1:00 sizzle reel to promote Lithuania Hill (aka: The body mangler hill in question). I’m working on it. stay tuned.

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