The Art of Meditation.

Everyone’s doing it, or at least say they do, so why not me! I’ll be honest, I try to meditate. Close my eyes, let the thoughts come and go, breath in, tell the thoughts to stop bothering me, breath out, start thinking about what to make for dinner, breath in, wonder what that creaking sound is, breath out…

It’s a challenging exercise for our hamster wheel minds. I will keep trying, but what if doesn’t have to be so…sterile (beautiful, peaceful, yes I know, just not there yet)? Meditation aides, such as singing bowls or repeating a mantra can help. Right now though, I’d like to attach my meditations to music that evokes a deeper emotion within me. Beyond just Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot. This is my fav for today. Find a nice patch of ground, lie down and click play. Now excuse me while I put together my wheat grass and kelp soy smoothie.

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