Best Conversation Ever?

I rarely click on banner ads. No, out of my way, don’t want to look at you. But this one caught my eye:

Best conversation ever Wind Mobile? Reeeeally? Okay, you’ve got my attention…how’s this work? So I clicked to the landing page and played the quick video informing me that all I needed to do was submit an entry, get groovin with the social media tools, and I (me!) could be 1 of 5 lucky Canadians to win a conversation with the person of my choosing, AND they’d donate $100,000 to a Canadian charity.

This is cool for these reasons:
1. Let’s the entrant connect with a celeb (look to the success of Twitter to show why that’s good for business)
2. Creates an online conversation (fwd, share, blog, comment, viralocity in general)
3. Donates a big chunk of money to charity (thumbs up from me)

But all I could think was, I want to talk to the Dalai Lama or Ellen Degeneres. You’re going to get him/her on the phone for me? Whaa?

So my inquisitive marketing mind, with plenty of experience writing up rules and regs for crazy contest couldn’t help but take a peek at the legals.

In the event that the Personality does not agree to have a Conversation with the Winner, the Sponsor will (a) make a Donation of $99,000 to a Canadian charity designated by the Winner, and (b) give the Winner $1,000 (paid by cheque).

And there it is. A comfortable clause that is necessary for WIND, but I can’t help but feeling like it reeks a bit with illusions of grandeur. How many of the conversations will they be able to fulfill in reality? Will people default to just asking to speak to Wheels from Degrassi? The $100,000 donation to charity works to encourage the personalities to participate though- I can see Kim Kardashian’s PR rep more than happy to share that she was involved in giving hundreds of Canadian kids new hockey equipment. I’d be interested to see if they post the conversations to the interweb post contest. It seems like a fulfillment nightmare, and they will be able to pick and choose the ‘lower hanging fruit’ (Although I’d love to hear the message the coordinator would leave on Oprah’s answering machine). Kudos to them though, it’ll get people forwarding.

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