Everything is coming up Gandhi.

Thinking a lot about this one:

Live simply so others can simply live.

I’m finding little ways that makes sense. After having a rambling, non-hallucinogenic induced discussion with a co-worker on the consumer culture we’ve created and the ridiculousness of government spending around the world (Greece is bankrupt y’all), it’s becoming more obvious to me that the less time I spend on buying into the hype, the status symbols, and all the other bells and whistles in this culture, the more energy and clarity I have to connecting to what really makes life fulfilling. Loving, being loved, and spreading that to others. And while “stuff” is great, the acquisition of it just for the sake of following the crowd or expectations is what’s helping contribute to the fog. Less is more.

Example- I have fought with my hair for many humid Ontario summers, using the best curling tonics so my hair isn’t a big frizz bomb. And the best one? Falling asleep with wet hair with absolutely nothing in it. It looks dope and wild, like hair is meant to look. It’s good not to get caught up with the residue.

Girl, just no.

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