The Art of Meditation.

Everyone’s doing it, or at least say they do, so why not me! I’ll be honest, I try to meditate. Close my eyes, let the thoughts come and go, breath in, tell the thoughts to stop bothering me, breath out, start thinking about what to make for dinner, breath in, wonder what that creaking sound is, breath out…

It’s a challenging exercise for our hamster wheel minds. I will keep trying, but what if doesn’t have to be so…sterile (beautiful, peaceful, yes I know, just not there yet)? Meditation aides, such as singing bowls or repeating a mantra can help. Right now though, I’d like to attach my meditations to music that evokes a deeper emotion within me. Beyond just Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot. This is my fav for today. Find a nice patch of ground, lie down and click play. Now excuse me while I put together my wheat grass and kelp soy smoothie.

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Lessons from a cracked rib

psssst- I borrowed this from Getty in case you didn't notice....

At first it just felt like sore muscles. A fully tenderized consequence to a night of crazy carpeting down a blissful hill I like to call “the rib crusher”, because, of course, that’s what it did. Lying on my belly, my feet pushed me over the fulcrum to unite my inner 7 year-old with the winter g-force. The adrenaline surging after coming to a tumbling stop at the bottom, having conquered the bumps that look less harmless when you’re cruising over them at 35 km/hr. I remember the exact moment, I flew over a small jump, and landed on the ice path with a THUD on my chest. I even said after to my friend through the laughter, “I think I broke a rib”. And then I went down 14 more times. Yes, it was my very own Jackass episode. And it was insanely, unapologetically, immensely fun.

And now, a wee spot over my heart is tender to the touch, it hurts a bit to breathe, stabbingly painful when I cough/sneeze and forget trying to roll over in bed without whimpering for my mom. I tried to make an appointment for an x-ray only to be told that ultimately there is nothing they can do for a cracked rib, that I’ll just need to “stick it out”. For about a month. *taking a not too deep breath because it hurts*. sigh.

So what are the lessons? Here’s what I gleen:

1. Complaining about it doesn’t make it go away (Although I keep trying out that theory)
2. You have to take big risks to get big rewards (I wouldn’t undo that night of fun to avoid this pain. I will always remember that night with a joyous tear in mine eye)
3. When you’re fully present in a moment and connecting with your true self, the bad stuff doesn’t matter. (You’re thinking about brave little Kerri Strug at the ’96 Olympics aren’t you? me too.)
4. Laughter is the best medicine (Yes, I just made that up, feel free to use it).

I filmed some of the mayhem on my iPhone- it’s grainy and suspicious looking and will make a very fun 1:00 sizzle reel to promote Lithuania Hill (aka: The body mangler hill in question). I’m working on it. stay tuned.

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Been Around the World…

Well, almost (only 175 countries to go). I was digging through the old digital archives and came across shots from the past few years of my trips. It’s so magical how the output form a handy point n shoot can crystalize a moment of perfection. Translation, they’re pretty photos and I feel the travel bug a bitin’!

Here’s a few new ones on my flickr stream. Enjoy!

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Free Trip Anywhere in the World.

Cows and monkeys and Elephants OH MY!

No, it’s not on Groupon today (but trust me, I’m waiting for the day that comes in my inbox…or at least a coupon for 97% off travel vaccinations).

Chris Guillebeau just posted a contest to win a ticket to almost anywhere in the world. It got me dreaming about exotic places that are on my bucket list- Jordan (visions of Petra have been locked in my mind since Indy Jones 3), South Africa (Me in a cage and Great Whites circling) and Morocco (I’m meant to rock the Casbah in this lifetime). Those would be absolutely amazing, but my heart knew that the place I want to go most is the place I’ve already been a few times…the motherland! A trip to India, with my new camera, breathing in all the visual delights surrounding me, going to temples, spending time in the mountains, visiting yoga ashrams, experiencing what all the hype about Goa is….I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it (Jessie Spano style sans trucker caffeine pill addiction)

Take a moment to dream and enter for yourself too! PS, I’m coming with you. Traveling is the best investment you can make…years of appreciation follow.

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Oh, so THAT’S who I am!

Really? Well, let’s play with this idea…

Things my soulful being shares in common with a cell phone:
1. Its primary function is to be connected with others, provided it can fully
function on its own.
2. It thrives off of an invisible energy source.
3. It will live on in eternity.

Hey well, 2 out of 3 isn’t too bad.

And, of course, as a marketer and general copy nitpicker, it would behoove me to ignore this…did you notice the egregious typo in the ad copy? *sigh*

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New Camera = Let’s do dis ting mang.

2011, I’m on ya!! A DSLR has been on my mental vision board for far too long now, so I decided to take action and get one (with the help of my brother…I’m pretty sure he’s in The Future Shop secret society, so I’m happy to let him do my wheeling and dealing).

I’m very excited by this new member of my digital family and have so much to learn that it’s rather intimidating. Signing up for classes and learning from anyone who’ll teach me (I’m looking right at YOU!) are part of my 1D world domination strategy. Oh, and you better believe I’ll be posting my creations. If I can get to be as good as my $1.99 Hipstamatic App on my iPhone, I’ll consider it time well spent.

And now, to embrace my gadget nerdiness, the unboxing!!!

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2 Guys, a Girl and a Bookstore

From the “Stumbling upon this event was absolutely necessary to my evolution as a human being” files.

Today I met two very incredibly inspirational individuals- Neil Pasricha, the optimistic observer behind, and the globetrotting Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Non-Conformity. Both are accomplished bloggers, best-selling authors and have helped inspire thousands, if not bazillions of people to take action and lead more fulfilling lives.

Carrying on the successful ‘you’re only as strong as your community’ model of blogs, this stop of Chris’s Unconventional Book Tour at Indigo had both Neil and Chris sharing their stories of personal growth and an informational “Question and Attempted Answers” with an eager audience.


1. Both have a very calm way of being and intense clarity in their eyes, which I would credit in great part to them doing exactly what they love to do with their lives.
2. Both of them had started their blogs at a time when they felt depressed, either by personal events or by world situations.
3. Both realize the power of community and have an attitude of appreciation.
4. They failed, a lot. And kept taking action to move ahead instead of letting the fear win.
3. Cupcakes are the new wine and cheese at book signings.

I had a chance to chat and ask them, “How do you enroll people in what you are blogging about?”. Blogging is a fantastic tool for self expression, and I have come to realize that I want to engage others in a journey of self-awareness and help them feel inspired to live a life they love. Neil gave me some great practical suggestions, in emailing your friends, posting your blog to Facebook and making the marketing effort to spread the word and see what sticks. Chris discussed how he doesn’t recruit his audience, as he has no desire for pressure tactics (completely not his style!), that it’s about connecting with an audience who believes in what your saying.

After asking them, I realized what I was really asking- “How do I believe in my voice?”. It’s so easy to feel like what you have to say has been said before, is clichéd, isn’t of value and won’t be read by anyone but your mom (Hi mom!). It’s part seeking validation from others and also a test to see if you can share your honest and authentic thoughts with the world. To stand up and say “Hey, I have something to say about this” and let it flow straight from your heart. It’s Annie Hall finally stepping up to the mic to sing. It was a powerful breakthrough for me and it’s incredible that I got the chance to uncover it with the help of two people I greatly admire. So thank you 🙂

So much to learn, so much to uncover, so much to share. Away we go.

Between the both of us, we've got about 170/192 countries visited thus far (It's a 95/5 split in Chris's favour 😉

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