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The Art of the ‘Yes, And’

Second City Improv classes teach me a lot about life. Like it’s okay to just ‘be’ if you don’t know what you’re going to say. (‘Awkard’ pauses are opportunities to breathe, assess, and play with the moment) And if you … Continue reading

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Everything is coming up Gandhi.

Thinking a lot about this one: Live simply so others can simply live. I’m finding little ways that makes sense. After having a rambling, non-hallucinogenic induced discussion with a co-worker on the consumer culture we’ve created and the ridiculousness of … Continue reading

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On the mornings when the gauntlet is thrown down…

I squeezed in every moment of sleep. Waking up feeling refreshed, I got ready, found an outfit that was perfect, and made my way to meet a friend at a coffee shop. Whimsically navigating Queen street on my bicycle, I … Continue reading

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